The origin of the Golden Guernsey is unknown, though research on DNA by the University of Cordoba has concluded that the goat is indigenous to Guernsey.

There were a few golden goats amongst the scrub herds on Guernsey, and these were seen by Miss Miriam Milbourne in 1924. It is largely thanks to her efforts that the golden goat has survived. She started keeping goats in 1937, and in the early 1950s began a breeding programme for Golden Guernseys at the suggestion of a B.G.S. Judge, Dr Tracey.

With great determination she increased her herd to about 30 goats, and in 1965 a separate Golden Guernsey register was opened in the Guernsey Goat Society’s Herd Book. The first successful imports to England were in 1967 and the inaugural questionnaire and newsletter of the mainland club were issued in 1968. The B.G.S. Golden Guernsey register was opened in 1971.

The photos on this page are of Miss Milbourne’s herd (of L’Ancresse) on Guernsey and some early imports