UK Census Report – January 2010

The last census of Golden Guernseys was undertaken in January 2005, and that confirmed fears that the then current estimates of the population were overstated.

The summer of 2008 saw further losses. Golden Guernseys and British Guernseys (about 40) were lost in an outbreak of Bovine TB. In addition, there were some higher than normal death rates of female Golden Guernseys in certain parts of the country. On top of normal losses these events reduced the number of breeding females and available males even further.

For this reason, the GGGS felt it was essential to try to build as accurate a picture as possible of the current population in the UK, of both breeds, Golden Guernsey and British Guernsey. Only with up-to-date information could we attempt to put into practice a plan to maintain the two breeds in a way that would ensure their future survival.

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