The Golden Guernsey is a small goat with a moderate milk yield which, although less than other breeds, is comparable when the lower food intake is considered.

It is adaptable to free range or stall feeding and can be kept by those without much land, needing only a house and a fenced yard. With an affectionate and docile nature, these points all emphasize its suitability as a house goat.

Breed Points

  • Head – Ears erect with a slight upturn at the tips. Facial line dished or straight. No tassels.
  • Body – Smaller than the other breeds. Fine-boned.
  • Skin – A shade of gold, neither pink nor grey.
  • Coat – All shades of gold with or without small white markings and blaze or star on head.
  • Male coat – Usually carries more hair than the female.
  • No Swiss markings. Hair long or short.